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Top: Kidnapped Quebec minister Pierre Laporte (Photo


James Cross, British Diplomat (Photo Canadian Press from CBC website)

FLQ Manifesto French only from CBC Archives

"Just Watch Me. Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau tells a CBC reporter how he will deal with the FLQ’s abduction of a British diplomat and Quebec minister. 

Short video clip from CBC  1:59

Students rally in support of FLQ

(Photo Canadian Press, Montreal Gazette)

The implementation of the War Measures Act on Oct. 16, 1970, 11 days after the kidnapping of James Cross and the day before Pierre Laporte was found dead in the trunk of a car. (Peter Bregg/Canadian Press) This caption and photo from CBC website.

"Two armed soldiers, one with fixed bayonet, patrol a street in north-end Montreal on Thursday, Dec. 3, 1970, where British trade commissioner James Cross was reportedly being held. Cross was kidnapped on Oct. 5, 1970. (Canadian Press)"


(Caption and photo from CBC)

Establish Historical Significance

How do we decide what and whose stories to tell?    Example: The October Crisis, 1970

Quebec Separatist Movement

Parti Québécois

Quebec 2020??
Canada 2020??
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