Book Club Is Not Canceled

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Easter Monday, 2020 was not a typical holiday, it was not a typical day in any way! This Easter Monday marked the beginning of our 5th week of self-isolation.The Covid-19 Pandemic, meant that no plans could be made for a big family dinner but instead plans for another quiet day, in the house, withdrawn from the "real" world. Or so I thought! I have been very fortunate this year to meet other "book nerds" who love to read and love to talk (about books and everything else to!). This group of readers made #GlebeReads what it was this year! Then, it was the students who suggested we continue the momentum of #GlebeReads and start a Book Club. Having started a Staff Book Club this year, the idea of combining the two was just fantastic - I'm still smiling! Even better, finding some good in the current situation we find ourselves in, they wanted to continue the Book Club! So, the book was chosen, the date was picked, we met, we discussed, we questioned, we laughed and we forgot (I did - regardless of the screen in front of me) for just a moment of time, that we are living in uncertain and scary times!

The Youth of God tells the story of Nuur, a sensitive and religious seventeen-year-old Somali-Canadian boy who becomes radicalized by the teachings of Imam Yusuf at the local mosque in a neighbourhood in Toronto called Dixon that has become synonymous with crime, unemployment, and the broken dreams of many Somali immigrants. (goodreads).

As a Book Club, we agreed that this is definitely a book that needs to be on our shelves in the RINC and it is a book that needs to be read.

Once we get back to school, be sure to come by and borrow this great read! There are a few of us who are more than happy to discuss your thoughts about the the novel.