Ms. Barber is BACK in the RINC!

Until we are able to get back into the RINC, for real, this Bitmoji of Ms. Barber is just going to have to do! Pop into the Virtual Drop-in on Wednesdays at 1:30 pm to say Hello and catch up with her - especially GRADS! As for me, (Ms. Walker) you are still stuck with me! I hang out "in" the RINC on Mondays at 2 pm and Fridays at 11 am - you don't know how happy Ms. Barber and I are when that Google Meet "bing" happens and we see a student joining us. So, Pop by - even if it is only for a minute - tell us how things are going, ask for help if you need it and make us happy! :)


Tuesdays at lunch in the HUB


Wednesdays after school in the RINC

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