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Take Historical Perspective

How can we ever understand the past?

Example: Responses to the Depression

Hungry Thirties -  Relief Camps - Strikes - Regina Riot




What do the 1,500 men riding atop boxcars have to do with the 6 men below?

William "Bible Bill" Aberhart

Social Credit Party




Aberhart Foundation

Maurice Duplessis 

Union Nationale Party


Duplessis and the Union Nationale


Photo  Archives nationales du Québec, P1000, S4, D83, PD94

William Lyon

Mackenzie King

Liberal Party


(Photo: National Archives of Canada (C-000387) 

R.B. Bennett

Conservative Party


"Blaming the Prime Minister" CBC

J.S. Woodsworth

Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (CCF)


Photo Library and Archives Canada C-057365

"Human needs before property rights."
 - election slogan

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